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Diptych 02: Oliver & Harry – “Enter Life More Fully”

“Enter Life More Fully”

2018 mixed media on canvas

200 x 180 cm - Diptych

200 x 90 cm - Panel

by Angel Correa


“I pretend to ignore you, but I really just miss you, so much my Dear.”Anon

Technique and materials used

Mixed media on canvas (black and white printed cotton fabric): Acrylic, vinyl paint, medium, gesso, charcoal powder, water-based ink, permanent-ink marker, and matte varnish.

Description of the work

I have worked with great fondness on this diptych, giving it warm colours; orange and yellow; to make both the flowery pattern of the fabric and the black drawing-pattern meld together through contrast.


I’ve used brushes, my fingers and permanent ink-markers. To my mind, this artwork is distinct, in that it was whilst reading an internet-based article in “Pink News” that I learned of a couple who very badly burnt by a man who threw boiling water on them whilst they were asleep together in bed.


With this news-report, I suddenly and passionately understood my reason to continue working on the art which speaks to me most. The realisation came to me that I’m here to give to people the visual narrative that should make them feel something about themselves.


I wanted to create a defragmented male body, representing charred skin, as well as a depiction of the scars which no doubt will remain forever. I used craquelure varnish to bring a rich dramatic texture to the black paint on this diptych.

The separation of the head from the body in my paintings refers to the lack of connection in between body and mind, thoughts and feelings, personal identity and sexual orientation some men experienced over the course of their lives.


In my mind’s eye, when drawing ‘Oliver & Harry’, I imagined that one of them had died as a result of his injuries, and that I found through research in a series of love-letters the survivor saying to his beloved: “I pretend to ignore you, but I really just miss you, so much my dear.” I believe that this would be a bold piece of fearless art for the passionate private owner.

“The tragedy is not that love doesn’t last. The tragedy is the love that lasts.”Anon

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