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Diptych 06: John & David – “Enter Life More Fully”

“Enter Life More Fully”

2018 mixed media on canvas

200 x 180 cm - Diptych

200 x 90 cm - Panel

by Angel Correa


“Telling someone who’s a religious person how much I love you is like trying to explain colours to a blind person. Completely impossible.”Anon

Technique and materials used:


Mixed media on canvas (black and white printed cotton fabric): Acrylic, vinyl paint, medium, gesso, charcoal powder, water-based ink, permanent-ink marker, and matte varnish


Description of the work

I have spent many hours indulgently working on these pieces, building up layers atop this heavy fabric’s texture, so that eventually two black and white male figures stand defiantly against a backdrop of two contrasting columns of cold-purple colour and warm-red colour.


I’ve used an array of big brushes along with round-headed ones, and also my permanent ink-markers. The white and black acrylic and vinyl paints were like butter, and it was sensuous to mix and work with the pigments.  My recollection is that it was impossible to resist the resulting sensation; my arm, my hand and my brush were all dancing together on the taut surface of the canvas.


This artwork is special to me because it was inspired by the urban techniques which were typical of Keith Haring, and I imagined him alive again, as I drew the black, bold lines of “my boys.” It was in painting this work that I understood my longstanding engagement and appreciation for the work of Joan Miro; all circles and dots at first glance – as well as the dazzling depth of Jackson Pollock’s canvases, full of sensitivity in their abstract patterns.


The realisation came to me that I’m here to give my uniquely Latin-American perception of colour and form to the world; to persist in the emotional quality that allows me to continue doing something – even when it is difficult or in opposition to other people. This diptych was part of an exercise of fragmentation of the rainbow flag which I decided to deploy as a colour-code for this painting in context of a set of others, as part of a 2018 collection.


I wanted to create a set of paintings which was full of imagination but at the same time simple and vibrant; a mirror of people lives. It’s an ideal imposing piece of bold art for the confident owner.

“You can never love people as much as you can miss them.”Anon

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