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Diptych 02: Tanya & Sasha – “Rename Us as Strangers”

“Rename Us as Strangers”

2018 mixed media on canvas

200 x 90 cm - Panel

200 x 180 cm - Diptych

by Angel Correa


Technique and materials used


Mixed media on canvas (colour printed cotton fabric): Acrylics, vinyl paints, medium, gesso, charcoal powder, water-based inks, permanent-ink markers, gloss and matte varnishes


Description of the work

I found myself devoting a great deal of care and attention to this diptych, responding to the uneven texture and soft colours of the fabric. It was my inspiration to create a sense of what seemed like adventure; adding bright warms colours to the backdrop, welding the tiny flowers onto it so there was a greater sense of poise and tranquillity.


I used the colours orange, yellow, plus a contrasting stripe of green, like cool grass after a night of rainfall. I achieved this with both large and small rounded brushes. The making of the backdrop was a joy in the context of technical challenge, because I found it necessary to tint the black acrylic and black vinyl paint with blue, thus introducing tonality which brought more brightness to the orange colour, in contrast. 


This artwork is special to me because it was whilst painting this piece that I understood my respect for a revered artist. The realisation came that I’m here to deliver a visual narrative to the world, to be decoded as easily as Picasso used to do.


I wanted to create a bright colourful painting with ‘Tanya & Sasha’; full of happiness, but also mindful of retaining the sense of delicate romantic energy inherent to their union. It’s an ideal piece of bold art for the romantic and passionate owner.

“My night has become a sunny dawn because of you”Anon

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