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“In the Midst of Breakdown”

2017 mixed media on canvas

200 x 270 cm

by Angel Correa


This is a depiction of vulnerability.  Each of us shares a commonality: we all will succumb to the inevitability of decrepitude and disintegration.  This triptych depicts the impact of a body assaulted by bullets, in order to demonstrate how strong we can be in the midst of breakdown.


It’s not always possible to find obvious ways keep going; to maintain equilibrium; to remind ourselves of our journey back toward completeness when either our minds or our bodies are unexpectedly and uninvitedly broken down. 

This is why the representation is of those who appear so vulnerable; so fragile – and yet seem to be moving forward with strength and conviction. 

Triptych 004 : In the Midst of Breakdown

 Left Panel

200 x 90 cm

Centre Panel

   200 x 90 cm

Right Panel

 200 x 90 cm

In the Midst of Breakdown

In the Midst of Breakdown

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