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Triptych 009 : Typhoon of Steel

 Left Panel

200 x 90 cm

Centre Panel

   200 x 90 cm

“Typhoon of Steel”

2017 mixed media on canvas

200 x 270 cm

by Angel Correa


The 1945 Battle of Okinawa was fought between the United States Marine and Army forces and the Japanese Imperial Army.  Over the course of 82 days the local population rebelled against the American invaders, who wished to use Okinawa as an operational base for air operations. 

The battle was referred to as the ‘typhoon of steel’ in English, which was testimony to the ferocity of the fighting.  I was struck by the realisation that in context of so many casualties, nearly half the population perished – but often not through enemy action.  Many men, women and children – often as entire families – retreated to a series of caves; catacombs; and detonated bombs to blow themselves up rather than face the shame of submitting to enemy action. 

This made me think very carefully about pride, shame and other cultural understandings.  The image depicts a trio of individuals at the moment they have enacted the decision to maintain their pride.

Right Panel

 200 x 90 cm

Typhoon of Steel

Typhoon of Steel

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