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Triptych 010 : Framed by Humanity

 Left Panel

200 x 90 cm

Centre Panel

   200 x 90 cm

“Framed by Humanity”

2017 mixed media on canvas

200 x 270 cm

by Angel Correa


This work was inspired by an image of three men who had perished in battle in Iraq, whose bodies were being carried away indifferently.  The colour of their blood was black and clotted, and their bodies seemed somehow luminescent in contrast. 

The veiling technique I used is an attempt to capture the luminosity, and to depict the life-force or the imprint of the soul.  Surrounding the bodies are frames, because somehow I considered that this life-force could not be contained, and radiated outward boundlessly. 

It seemed right and proper to preserve and contain the strength of this life-force, so the frame is my attempt to honour the essence; the humanity; that once occupied these fallen and badly mutilated men – if only for the sake of their families and loved ones as they struggle to recognise what was once so familiar. 

Right Panel

 200 x 90 cm

Framed by Humanity

Framed by Humanity

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